U-CLOUD Installation at Milano Design Week 2014

The architectural exhibition event in Milan, annually arranged by INTERNI international design magazine, in 2014 was carried out on 8-18 April and dedicated to the relationship between human being and mother Earth connections between nature and artificial world created by man's hand. Architects and designers have been requested to create temporary installations which illustrate their ideas in related subject. Architectural studio SPEECH TCHOBAN/KUZNETSOV participates in the event with the installation U-cloud (15 x h 7,16 m structure that represents a steadily enlarging cloud of invisible connections between people with their own ideas, worlds, private stories and unpredictable circumstances moving out of one city physical boards. The architects’ concept has been realized by VELKO-2000 LLC, who together with colleagues from ST Facciata Technology executed an overall scope of design, production and installation works. The installation implies a structure of metal support framing covered with LED screens displaying the specified video and animation. La base è clad by safety mirror glass reflecting the light and providing an effect of suspension.

Milan, Italy

Studio architettura SPEECH Tchoban e Kusnezov


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