Curtain walls

The Velko-2000 production and design company performs full-scope façade works including design, production, supply and installation of transparent curtain walls based on Schueco aluminium profile systems.

Up to day we offer diverse range of façade solutions applying the systems as follows:

Mullion/transom façade presents a comprehensive flexible profile system with various design options as the façade with standard frame look or with sleek all-glass look using structural/semistructural glazing;

Unitized façade consists of completely prepared for installation façade units for blind curtain walls or with inserted window systems. Unitized facades offer considerable benefits thanks to a high level of prefabrication, excellent quality and lower overall costs;

Planar glazing mainly differs from the standard profile systems with a lack of frame structure in which glass unit or window system is to be inserted. Planar glazing requires glass point fixing. The supporting structure may look like a truss or steel tension cables thus creating an exceptional, airy appearance of the overall glazing.

All above systems can be provided with various options as fire protection, burglary resistance, solar protection, connection to building automation and wide range of openings.

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