Exterior / Interior cladding

Within the full package of façade works Velko-2000 undertakes the cladding with diverse range of materials as light natural stone panels, composite cassettes, metal sheets (aluminium, copper).

The close interaction and collaboration with our close partner, Taltos Srl, working on processing the natural stone with patented innovative technologies, enables us to offer any solutions in stone for both exteriors and interiors and meet the strictest deadlines might be stipulated by the Client.

Taltos Srl works on any types of marble, granite, travertine, limestone and onyx. Diverse range of products provides different reinforcement according to the required application. The slabs produced by Taltos, present light, thin but robust product capable to be applied for exterior/interior walling, floors, decorative elements as well as for suspended ceilings and interior partitions.

Velko-2000 also applies composite material used in manufacturing aluminium cladding panels. The panel consists of two thin aluminium layers with anti-corrosion/fluorine-carbonic surface finishing and in-between fireproof polyethylene core. High surface quality (colour uniformity and super flatness), weather and fire resistance, lightness, durability and sustainability ensure wide application of the composite material in modern architecture and construction.

Among the materials Velko-2000 performs cladding works with, there are also copper sheet and Tecu Bond copper composite panels, provided by our copper suppliers we closely cooperate.

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