Solar shading

Nowadays the package of façade works generally requires the installation of solar shading as they considerably reduce energy consumption of modern residential, commercial and industrial buildings and ensure comfort well-being f their occupants.

Thanks to high compatibility of Schueco façade systems with any solar shading solutions, Velko-2000 is capable to provide any systems for solar protection according to the Client’s demands for example as follows:

Vertical louver blades, which apart from solar protection also serve as design decorative elements without impairing the view in any way;

Sliding shutters,perfectly intended for residential buildings and private housing, transparent and opaque, with automatic drive or manually operated;

Fixed standard louvers are the complete solution for comprehensive solar shading with the benefits of protection against overheating and increasing comfort;

External roller sunscreens for curtain walls, transparent roofing, skylights which are easily mounted onto the surface of any slopes and shape thanks to a wide range of fixing elements and with that perfectly emphasize the building architecture. The sunscreens meet the highest energy saving standards also reducing heat loss and providing noise protection in close position.

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